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Meter Maid™ is an in-line portable electricity meter that has been specifically designed to accurately monitor individual electricity consumption.  It is a true kiloWatt hour meter and incorporates the latest in state-of-the-art technology with only the highest quality components being used during manufacture.  As a simple, versatile and cost-effective monitoring system Meter Maid™ offers many benefits:

It is designed to be ACCURATE.  Meter Maid™ is a precision instrument that only records the power used.  Utilising a non-resettable 6 digit counter and fully-encapsulated electronics Meter Maid™ cannot be tampered with, slowed down or reversed.
Suitable for outdoor use Meter Maid™ is WATERPROOF and ably copes with any situation where it is likely to come into contact with water.
TOUGH so that it can withstand the harshest of environments around the world, Meter Maid™ quality is assured through a robust but sleek design and thus providing high reliability.
It is built to be USER-FRIENDLY, requiring no maintenance, servicing or re-calibration – ever!  Meter Maid™ can be supplied complete with connectors and with a cable length to suit your requirements – just plug in and start monitoring.

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The advantages of METER MAID™ include:

Total flexibility to monitor boats, caravans, construction site equipment or any temporary electrical appliance wherever they are because it is totally PORTABLE.
A solution to the problem of financing capital expenditure as it can easily be sold or rented to the end-user making it COST-EFFECTIVE for all parties.
Accepted by consumers because it is FAIR.

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Microcustom International Ltd is the UK designer, manufacturer and primary distributor of Meter Maid™, a range of high quality in-line and portable electricity meters.
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